Chapter 2 By Khaadi

By Komal Malik
October 15, 2017

Chapter 2 – The First Chapter of the Classic Love Story

Chapter 2 is the second brand launched by Shamoon Sultan, & Saira Shamoon; the unstoppable force behind the fashion powerhouse  “Khaadi.” In 1999, Khaadi started their label consisting of handwoven fabrics, and slowly transitioned into cottons, lawns and prints.

Chapter 2, has gone back to the the original roots; which is Khaadi’s first passion & our very first love – handwoven fabrics in solid colours, minimal embroidery, block and screen prints and hand-dyed classics. The silhouettes are sleek, structured, simple yet modern – a breath of fresh air for everyone who has overdosed on prints.

The journey into the future

Chapter 2 raised the bar with its interiors by creating a monochromatic ambience. Beautifully aligned display stands with structured silhouettes, accompanied by an enormous 3D digital wall made me feel like I’d stepped into an episode of NETFLIX’s Black Mirror. The 3D digital wall presented visuals representing the brand in the form of a black and white film. The inspiration to incorporate a digital wall as part of their exhibition was “(to) create a modern feel and provide the customers with the ultimate brand experience” which I must say they definitely succeeded in!

In addition to the black and white, customers are greeted with a coloured wall where classic handwoven dupattas and kurtas are displayed. The color palette is beautiful, with just the right shades of pink, green, orange, yellow, red and blue. This pop of colour adds an edge to the store, and provides women with a wider range of pret wear to choose from.

What’s in store

Timeless Pret Wear, Monochromatic Geometrics and the Comeback of Solid Colours

Chapter 2 only carries ready to wear ensembles (also known as pret-wear). Their designs include drapes, color blocking, layering, patchwork, structured silhouettes, high-low tunics, geometric printed fusion wear and cropped tops. The not-so-straight cuts are definitely trendsetters this season. 

Whenever I see beautifully constructed geometric prints, solid greys, blacks, whites and striped silhouettes, I instantly think of the brand, Maheen Khan – the pioneer and master of geometric and monochromatic designs. Many brands have tried adopting the monochromatic designs but unlike Chapter 2, none have achieved success with this. Chapter 2 has created a brand with their own original and unique essence. With their minimalistic designs and pret wear, they have created a range of beautiful clothes, catering to the needs of all women.

Price Factor

The affordable price range is another thumbs up! The classic shalwars are for PKR 2000, the boho-chic tunics start from PKR. 3000 (handwoven cotton) and go upto PKR. 8000 (organic cotton silks).

Accessorising the Collection

Besides the beautiful clothes, you will also find leather shoes and handbags, hand-painted ceramics, brass, crockery, stationery, and jewellery. All the designs have been outsourced to different designers. I absolutely fell in love with the shoes and bags; they were ‘simply beautiful’, in the literal sense. 

The ceramics are produced by Zaid Hameed, jewellery is by Amna Shariff and crockery is by Cera-e-Noor, to name a few talented artists selling their pieces at Chapter 2. Each designer has his or her own display area in the store, making each designer’s talent exclusive.

Promoting fresh talent

I felt so proud to see Chapter 2 promoting new talent and their skills – encouraging youngsters by providing them with a retail platform. This is something we rarely witness in Pakistan or anywhere around the world, with brands constantly competing with one another.

Fashion Verdict

After many years of print taking over the market, it was refreshing to see a brand bring something different to the market. Being a lover of minimalistic designs with monochromes or solid colours, Chapter 2 is without a doubt my new go-to place. They topped their designs with trendy cuts, organic fabric and an affordable price tag, making it inclusive for all masses and fashion lovers!

With the addition of accessories to their brand and the encompassing of different artists and their work, one could create an entire look at Chapter 2, suitable to all unique personalities. If you’re looking for a lifestyle experience, Chapter 2 is just the place for you! I sure found my home there!


About Komal Malik

Komal Malik is self employed as a Fashion Curator, Stylist and Retailer. She has Vj'ed for Indus Music, acted in sitcoms and television serials, is a voice-over artist, a former stockbroker, a teacher, a certified Reiki healer, a Neurolinguistics programmer, and if that's not all...her crowning glory, in her own words, is her ability to 'Hoola Hoop like there's no tomorrow'! Komal is a self proclaimed fitness freak-a gymmaholic, (she coined the word for what describes her best). She secretly wishes we lived in a peaceful world. Her motto in life? 'God helps those who help themselves, humble and be kind always. Learn and grow from life experiences!' If you love to follow the latest on Fashion trends in Pakistan, look forward to reading more from Komal on FUCHSIA Magazine.