About Sheema Sultan

Sheema is the founder and co-owner of CORE Gym in Pakistan. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Communication Design as well as numerous certifications in fitness and health. She specialises in Spinning, HIIT and boot-camps. She is also passionate about Photography, and travelling offers her a chance to explore her love for street and portrait photography. Sheema confesses that 'Travelling is food for my soul, it inspires and keeps me motivated'. She wants to share this passion and wanderlust with FUCHSIA readers! She would love to manage her dessert cravings better. 'Retail therapy doesn't work for me, says Sheema. 'I prefer spending money on experiences.' She lives by the motto: 'Life is too short to blend in!'

For the past few years I have been so focused on making a single dream come true that I started losing my myself in the process. I forgot that I had other interests, thoughts and goals. I forgot that there is no better feeling than being inspired as it keeps you motivated to step outsideContinue reading