About Nasreen Majid

To Nasreen, writing is not just a means to personal expression, but to meaningful outreach with a purpose. This English & Literature teacher hopes to make a career out of writing at some point, drawing on her experiences both as a teacher and a parent. A perfectionist by nature, Nasreen strives to give her best to that which she finds meaning and purpose in, and wishes she had more time with her 4 children. You will often find Nasreen hunting around for her sunglasses, only to find they are perched on her head, and her keys, which she claims to lose on an average of thrice daily. Live and let live, she says!

Sometimes we plan a trip to one place, but something takes us to another. - Rumi. It was my sixteen-week scan. I had just been told that I was expecting a daughter.  After 3 years of wishing and praying fervently, God had finally heard me. Daughter. The word echoed in my mind long after I hadContinue reading