About Maryam B. Mirza

Maryam B. Mirza was born in Karachi but is currently living in Islamabad with her husband, a son and a daughter. This Content Creator and Graphic Designer has a quirk of writing letters to Sylvia Plath, and secretly wishes she was a spider (we aren't quite sure why). She enjoys reading, writing and singing off-key, and if she could do something differently, she would have gone backpacking straight out of college. Live and Let Live is what this Contributing Writer believes in.

With the subcontinent teeming with talented writers, FUCHSIA has asked our reading enthusiasts to put together reading recommendations as many of us head back home to the Subcontinent for an Indian summer. Enjoy this list of Indian books and look out for the Pakistani selection in the next feature. 1 . An Unsuitable Boy byContinue reading