About Mahvish Ahmed

Mahvish lives by the motto: “Don’t judge, do your own thing. You owe no explanation.” She holds a Masters Degree in Economics from The University of Warwick, UK. But if you think this mom of one sprightly daughter is content teaching at IBA (The Institute of Business Administration, in Karachi, Pakistan), alone, you are mistaken. Mahvish is self- employed at her husband’s photography business, Locura. She has also discovered a penchant for writing. With a number of travel blogs under her belt, she has penned her first Fashion Blog for FUCHSIA. “I am crazy about travelling, photography and Bollywood. I save up my salary all year round to blow it up on one sensational travel experience once a year!” Confesses Mahvish. She aspires to obtain a Phd. one day and get more involved in research. She would love to add 30 minutes of yoga to her routine. She is happy being herself! You can read more from Mahvish on http://mereysafarnamay.blogspot.ch/?m=1

You want to add this to your winter bucket list It is true that sometimes the lack of information and at others, lack of access to pretty places to visit, leaves Pakistanis with no choice but to resort to food for recreation. Not that I mind resorting to food at any given time of myContinue reading
With its scintillating star-cast and superb music, Dobara Phir Se (DPS), under Mehreen Jabbar’s direction, premiered in Karachi last night. I found the film to be worth the wait and, definitely, worth a watch. Despite a saga of complicated relationships, DPS is a simple story of love, friendship, loneliness and being true to oneself. WithoutContinue reading
For the past few years, I have been on a mission - a mission to make certain changes in myself. I grew up in a typical Punjabi Sunni family in Lahore. Everyone that I ever met till I got married and moved to Karachi was Punjabi and Sunni with maybe 2 or 3 exceptions. SoContinue reading
Chai ke saath kuch meetha ho jaye? Tea is entrenched in the Pakistani way of life. Come winter, come summer, din mein kuch martaba chai to banti hai. While chai is my love, meetha is my life. Shaam ki chai with some meetha is my daily ritual. That’s just how I unwind: with my feet up on the sofa and a goodContinue reading
I have always been big on (desi) fashion – I like following the latest trends and trying on the newest silhouettes. I find spring/summer 2016 particularly interesting because EVERYTHING IS IN! And the best part is, there is so much to experiment with in the lowers/bottoms department. There are cigarette pants, culottes, bootleg pants and the goodContinue reading