About Maha Dania Qazi

Maha holds a Masters Degree in International Security from Georgetown University USA as well as a Teaching Certificate in Elementary Education from New Jersey. She is currently working in the field of education. She dreams of opening a school of her own one day. Maha loves to write, read, travel, and do sports and yoga. She believes in becoming the best version of herself. She has travelled widely, and has engaged in voluntary and non-voluntary work on multiple occasions: Developments in Literacy in Washington D.C and SOS, Islamabad Pakistan, to name a few. Maha loves watching a good Bollywood film occasionally and lives by the motto: Count each day as a blessing and practice more gratitude.

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', the eighth installment in the Star Wars franchise, takes place not long after the events of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This franchise is like a sequel to The Force Awakens, with mostly the same characters and a few new ones. There is a clear message that the old guardContinue reading

RATING:   Poirot: “I have always been so sure. There was right and there was wrong. Now there is you. I cannot judge this.” “Murder on the Orient Express” is much more than a story about a colorful assortment of people, each with a hidden past, journeying on a train together.  The train journey itself isContinue reading