About Dr. Sajid Butt

Dr. Sajid Butt is a consultant-radiologist based in London, U.K. He is married, with 3 boys. He loves cricket, films and reading. In his own words, his future plans involve ‘growing old’! He writes for fun and confesses to being a life-long supporter of all things Pakistani, especially Pakistani Cricket! When he is not hard at work or watching his favourite sport, you guessed it, … CRICKET! he pampers the soul by listening to some Noor Jehan, Muhammad Rafi and reading some Ghalib! He secretly wishes he were … you guessed it again, a cricketer! He wouldn’t want to do anything differently in life and lives by the motto: ‘Just Chill!’

Back in the 1970’s to 90’s, cricket coverage in Pakistan was very different from what we see these days. Now the audience are used to watching games in high-definition, obtained by using state-of-the-art cameras that are distributed around the ground, offering the best possible views for deliveries bowled and shots scored. The latest addition toContinue reading


A Case for Lahore Qalandars As we enter the last week of the HBL PSL 3 round-robin stage, a glance at the points table offers a mind-bogglingly tight picture. In the words of the late Chairman Mao: “There is great disorder under Heaven, and the situation is excellent!”. With no clear front-runners till yesterday, itContinue reading


8th March 2018 I was fortunate enough to watch the game between Karachi Kings and Islamabad United yesterday in Sharjah. The match was to begin at 8 pm local time. I bought the ticket online. The process was very straightforward. The best available seat was for 168 AED. I thought that the enclosure titled, ‘members’Continue reading