About Deepika Gurdev Singh

DEEPIKA GURDEV SINGH has made a name for assimilating her varied life experiences into her writing across platforms. She spent six years in television as a producer and anchor of a weekly segment on books for Singapore-based television network Channel NewsAsia’s breakfast show, 'Prime Time Morning'. She then joined Singapore's leading daily The Straits Times, where she was the Arts Correspondent for nine years. During that time, she developed and shaped the newspaper's coverage of the visual arts, museum shows, and even Bollywood. Known for her relentless pursuit of exclusive news stories, Deepika had previously worked for The Times of India newspaper and India Today news magazine in India. On the literary front, she has moderated at several key literary festivals in Australia as well as Ubud, Galle and Singapore. Launched in 2013, her popular Facebook page, Sadee (Our) Saree, has galvanised a new generation’s interest in the saree. In 2014, she published her debut novel The Red Helmet – a story of love and loss set in 1980s India. The book was marketed largely through social media.

Unknown to her, there was a quiet storm brewing in my life when Rajul first approached me to write this essay. As a writer I am a seeker and a keeper of words. I put these words in many places. The most personal of these have found expression in a novel and often these wordsContinue reading