About Ayesha Shafiq

Ayesha Shafiq is Administrator of Paris Cardiology Center and Paris Cardiology Center Cath Lab, Texas. She also sits on the Board of United Way of Lamar County, an organization that aims to effectively generate, organize and distribute resources through programmes focused on the education, financial stability and health of the community. This she does while being mother to 3 children, and somehow managing to find the time to fulfill her passion for writing, which she contributes to several different platforms.

Do you know that the use of opioids (which include pain medicines such as OxyContin, Vicodin or illicit substances such as opium and heroin) claim as many lives each year as car accidents? The irony is that good and well-intentioned physicians have played a part in this particular public health crisis. In 2012, physicians issuedContinue reading