About Aarti sharma

Aarti Sharma loves to travel, explore new cultures and learn about what motivates people. Her optimism and positivity has her seeing even the slightest glimmer of hope in the most challenging of situations. She believes anything can be done when good intentions are combined with honest, genuine effort. She aims to be a positive influence in the lives of others through her work and through making connections between people. Aarti writes to raise awareness on issues that can inspire readers to act towards collective impact. A cleanliness freak, this positive lady claims she can eat samosas at any time of the day ... even midnight!

Three years ago, I came to this mesmerizing little red dot, following my husband’s profession, with our two beautiful children and lots of woven dreams. The realisation that, being a Dependent Pass (DP) holder, my own passions would need to take a backseat hit me quite early. Many of us DP holders, men and women,Continue reading