Editorial Team

Rabia Mughni

Rabia founded FUCHSIA in 2013 with the help of a passionate, determined and aspiring team. She holds a Master in Business Administration with a Marketing Major from IBA, Pakistan. Having worked for more than 2 years as Brand Manager for various products before moving out of Pakistan, she stayed busy with her children. In 2012, she decided to follow her passion and started the event management company, Sublime Events. FUCHSIA is one of the brands owned and managed by Sublime Events.


Rabia stays involved in various social causes. Believing in creating equal opportunities for underprivileged kids, she helps The Citizens’ Foundation, Pakistan, to create awareness of the need for providing quality education to children. At the same time, she is also involved with Singapore-based VWO, 4PM’s Ramadan on Wheels project by supporting it through the FUCHSIA platform.

At FUCHSIA, Rabia oversees the Marketing and Public Relations work. She is also part of the Editing Team in conceptualising articles and monthly issues. She manages and coordinates the various areas in FUCHSIA, ensuring a smooth flow of communication and material among Team FUCHSIA and with Contributing Writers.


Rabia aspires to see FUCHSIA as the magazine-of-choice by expats worldwide, and particularly, in Singapore. Rabia currently resides in Singapore.

Farah Haq

Farah is a graduate of the Islamabad Grammar School and holds an Art Diploma from the Ghandara Art Studio, in addition to a Diploma in Early Childhood and Special Needs from Singapore. She has work experience as a teacher in Montessori Schools, as well as in work with children with special needs.


Farah also has experienced working in the entertainment and fashion industries, and has a keen eye for fashion and art. She believes in doing jobs that are challenging and rewarding as she enjoys working for a better tomorrow.


Farah is one of the pioneers of Team FUCHSIA and feels deep pride for her work with the magazine. Her role at FUCHSIA involves the overall coordination of the Fashion segment, and she is also FUCHSIA’s official photographer. Her fashion consultancy and expertise allows her to put together a relevant, informative and interesting Fashion segment monthly, with the support of Team FUCHSIA. She also co-ordinates the logistics of events for FUCHSIA.


FUCHSIA is Farah’s passion and her dream. Her dedication and perseverance has made her believe that nothing is impossible. She loves and enjoys every new task FUCHSIA presents to her, and never a day regrets doing what she does. Farah currently resides in Singapore with her husband and 3 children.

Sidrah Ahmad

Sidrah has a Bachelor in Sociology from NUS, and a MBA from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan. Sidrah worked for 2 years as the social worker of families with young children living in high-risk situations. She then realised her dream of experiencing Pakistan through the excuse of an MBA in Lahore. Returning to Singapore in 2011, she currently works for the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), planning and developing social services for vulnerable children and youth.

On Team FUCHSIA, Sidrah heads the Editorial Team, conceptualising monthly issues, coordinating the editing and finalising all published material. FUCHSIA allows Sidrah an involvement in the raising of awareness of Pakistan, through her love for language and the written word. Having written casually for informal audiences through her blog for several years, she now writes for herself, and edits for FUCHSIA. Her aspiration for FUCHSIA is that it grow to feature content on important social and societal issues, and develop non-professional writers.

Sidrah’s favourite things include spending time with her crazy family (the Pagalkhana), photography, poetry, reading, music, dance, clouds, rain and the night. She has a deep love for connecting with strangers, and believes that stories, and story-telling, have the power to change the world. She dreams of a world where boundaries and differences are only celebrated, and not a cause for divide.

Sidrah currently resides in Singapore with her parents, three siblings, 6 nieces and nephews who she lovingly refers to as The Pagalkhana Monsters and 4 helpers. Almost all in one house.  

Saba Punjwani

A graphic designer by experience, Saba acquired her Bachelor in Arts (Pakistan) and Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Singapore). As a stay-home-mom, Saba felt she had to do more with her life, but without compromising on her role at home. When she was approached with the prospect of being on Team FUCHSIA, she didn’t think twice, and grabbed the opportunity. Now that she has moved to Saudi Arabia, she feels that no matter which part of the world she is in, FUCHSIA will always remain close to her heart.


Saba’s work with FUCHSIA makes her feel like time flies by when one appreciates and is fully content with their work.  She has been on Team FUCHSIA since day one, and has witnessed every toll it has taken since. As the only Graphic Designer on Team FUCHSIA, her key responsibility is to create ‘the look’ which readers are most attracted to. The colours, the clicks, the glitz and glam on the webpage and in the outlay of the articles is where I exhibit my magic. I will not take complete credit, though, as everything in FUCHSIA has always been a team effort.


This association with FUCHSIA has helped Saba excel both personally and professionally. She has found the learning experience remarkable, and it has made her push her limits to new levels, and realise her own hidden potential. “The events, the people, the shows – all bring their own challenges, which Team FUCHSIA has grown fond of. We have celebrated our achievements and grieved over our drawbacks altogether. Team FUCHSIA is like my second family and, believe me, it is not easy to juggle two families at the same time.” 


Looking back at the days when FUCHSIA came into being and how much it has grown since then makes Saba very proud. Saba currently resides in Saudi Arabia with her husband and two children.

Anila Azim

Shazia Habib