Pakistan Idol Finalists: From 6 to 5

By Anila Azim

As Pakistan Idol draws to a close, and the episodes wind down to the finals, it is becoming harder and harder to watch the elimination every Sunday. The thirty third episode on 28th March had the judges choosing their favourite songs for the final 6 contestants, and it was an extra-special episode, with who else as guest judge, but the legendary band, Strings. Not only was the band an absolute joy for the audience and viewers, they also turned a dream of finalists Ali Asad Zaidi and Abdul Rafey into reality, by singing Durr with them on stage. The top six ki final baazi was among the following six contestants:

1.Zamad Baig (Aged 21 years, from Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab)

Zamad, about whom it is said that “In ki awaz zameen say jurri hui hai”, sang Jiya Dharrak Dharrak Jaey by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, as chosen by Ali Azmat. Zamad has an undeniable edge over the other contestants in the Sufi-rock genre, and this was a move to his advantage; the song suited his raw earthy voice perfectly. Judges were all very pleased, and the guest judges thoroughly enjoyed the rendition. Bushra Ansari even went as far as to draw parallels between the 21-year-old and the Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan lineage.

2.Kashif Ali Baber (Aged 21 years, from Lahore)

Kashif sang Bushra Ansari’s favourite song, Mitwa, by Shafaqat Amanat Ali. He was nervous, feeling the song was too difficult for him. The judges agreed it was difficult, and were therefore very happy with his performance, which they felt was carried out by a performer who is a rare and gifted find that manages to touch hearts. A magician, in Hadiqa’s words.


3. Mohammad Shoaib (Aged 23 years, from Peshawar)

Shoaib disappointed Hadiqa somewhat by not quite catching the sur on her choice of Reshma’s Akhiyaan Nuun Rehn Dey. Admitting it was a difficult song, and she could not have been sure how he would perform it, the judges appreciated his performance nonetheless, and he was well-applauded by all present.



4.Ali Asad Zaidi (Aged 25 years, from Karachi)

Heartthrob of Pakistan Idol, Ali Asad, sang Ali Azmat’s choice of Bin Tere by Shafqat Amanat Ali. Ali added some excitement to the show by presenting the song in a completely different reprised version by Shekhar Ravjiani. Azmat was very taken aback by this surprise, and commended Ali Asad on his singing. Bushra summed it up in “Hero Hai…Hero Hai….Hero Tu Hero Hi Hai”. She further added that he has a very distinctive, different, style of singing, with a lot of promise and potential. Hadiqa Kiyani called him the Pop Star of this Pakistan Idol, a paka pakaya born star. Quite clearly, Ali Asad stumped the judges with this performance.

5.Rose Marie (Aged 15 years, from Karachi)


The youngest and only female contestant of Pakistan Idol, Rose Marie, sang Bushra Ansari’s choice of Choti Si Asha. She left everyone mesmerised, and especially Faisal Kapadia was highly impressed by her performance.





6.Abdul Rafay Khan (Aged 16 years, from Karachi)

Yes, the kid from Karachi, of Maachis ki dibbi mein baaruut fame is still going strong. He sang Hadiqa’s choice of Maaey Ni Main Kinuun Aakhan by Hamid Ali Bela, which was a very difficult song for Rafay as it was a typically Punjabi song. Rafay had been upset, as he had never heard the song before, but he worked hard to learn the lyrics and master the accent. This maachis ki dibbi mein baaruut left the judges completely shocked with this performance, and they deemed him as having all the qualities of becoming a singing sensation.



Unfortunately, however, this singing sensation was not to make it to the top 5 list of Pakistan Idol contestants, as decided in the elimination episode on 30th March. Rafay and Zamad Baig had both received the least votes from the public. Despite the grief of losing an amazing performer, there was pride abound at his achievements and immense improvement through the show. Ali Azmat encouraged the 16-year-old by saying that he reminds him of himself when he was younger, and that he was brave with a lot of potential. Rafay’s last song on the Pakistan Idol stage was Mahiyan Vay Teray, which he sang with almost perfection,bringing tears to the eyes of everyone present.

FUCHSIA’s predictions of the final five contestants were accurate to the tee. Now we think the very first Pakistan Idol will be:

1-Ali Asad Zaidi

2-Kashif Ali Baber

3-Zamad Baig

What do you think? Agree with us? Disagree with us? Tell us now!


Pictures Courtesy : Catalyst PR & Marketing.




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